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Enjoy the playlists from Spotify, one from The Eliminators the other, the Pet Sounds album in honor of it's 50 year anniversary.

I'm continuing to update the Surf Band list and wish to add a few more goodies, like playlists, songs from featured bands, and photography.  I would like to photograph Surf Bands so let me know when you will be playing in the Southern California area and I'll come by for a shoot.  This is a freebee for Surf Bands.  Just turn the reverb up all the way!

Check out these Surf Music radio stations;

Surf Rock Radio

North Sea Surf Radio

Shrunken Head Lounge Surf Music Radio

A Day at the Beach Podcasts

Catching a Wave Radio Show

SurfGuitar 101 MP3 Compilation 2016

Fiberglass Jungle

Surf Music - Classic Bands

Surf Music - 3rd/4th Wave

Pet Sounds

The Eliminators

Pipeline - The Chantays