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I'm continuing to update the Surf Band list, which involves hours and hours of time, and wish to add a few more goodies, like Surf Music playlists, songs from featured Surfmusic bands, and photography(lofty goals). Turn the reverb to 10!!!

Enjoy the Surf Music playlists from Spotify, one from The Eliminators the other, the Pet Sounds album in honor of it's 50 year anniversary, and more.

Check out these Surf Music radio stations~

A Day at the Beach Podcasts

Big Surf Radio  WOBC 91.5 Oberlin, Ohio, Tuesdays 5-7pm EST

Catching a Wave Radio Show

Electric Beach Party - Carol Busbey, Radio Hatteras, Mondays 8pm EST

Fiberglass Jungle Saturdays 2-4pm

Instromania Three D Radio 93.7 FM Adelaide, South Australia, Mondays 1-2pm

Laguna Tropical Surf Show KX 93.5 Each Sunday from 5-7pm.

Mixcloud search for Surf Music

North Sea Surf Radio

Radio Mutation

The Reverb Hour 89.7FM in Los Altos Hills, CA 8-9pm Saturdays (Pacific Time)

The Rockin' and Surfin' Show 6pm Saturday - Eastern time zone

Shrunken Head Lounge Surf Music Radio

The Sound of Surf Music Spotify playlist (262 songs, 12hr 29min last I checked)

The Southern Surf Stompcast Select month

Storm Surge of Reverb Mondays 4-6pm, CST

SurfGuitar 101 MP3 Compilations

The SurfPhony of Derstruction 2000 87 recorded shows

Surf Report

Surf & Rock FM

Surf Rock Radio

The Terrorsurfs' Schlock n Roll Radio Show 19 recorded shows.