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Ancient Winds

by The Madeira

Released 2015
Double Crown Records
Released 2015
Double Crown Records
The Madeira with their most diverse release to date - soaring guitars, pounding rhythms and exquisite, nuanced songwriting make this perhaps the best release by the band so far.
The Madeira began in 2004 in Indianapolis, IN. The band features Ivan Pongracic on lead guitar, the founder of the 1990s surf music icons the Space Cossacks; Patrick O'Connor on rhythm guitar, the founder of the Indy space-surf mavens Destination: Earth!; Dane Carter on drums; and Todd Fortier on bass. The Madeira have released six CDs: “Sandstorm” (2005), “Ruins” EP (2006), “Carpe Noctem” (2008), “Tribal Fires” (2012), "Sonic Cataclysm - Live" (2014), and "Ancient Winds (2015).

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