I maintain a list of Surf Bands from around the world, both current and retired.  You can view individual Surf Band web sites, listen to and purchase Surf Music, and also, access scheduled performances of SurfMusic and new releases, through my Surfmusic.com Facebook page.   I'm adding and updating Surf Band links on Surfmusic.com almost daily to keep the ever changing list of Surf Bands current.  You can view an extensive list of obscure Surf Bands on   Guitar 101 made by Phil Dirt.  North East Surf Music Alliance NESMA band member list.

2,523 Surf Bands listed as of June 22, 2024 ~ an increase of 117 bands in 7 months (200/yr. average).
2,406 Surf Bands listed as of December 20, 2023 ~ An increase of 149 bands in 7 months (255/yr. average).
2,257 Surf Bands listed as of May 29, 2023 ~ An increase of 194 bands in 6 months (388/yr. average).
2,063 Surf Bands listed as of October 25, 2022 ~ 116 in 6.5 months.  An average of about 200 bands/year!
1,947 Surf Bands listed as of April 5, 2022 ~ 93 bands added in 4 months.
1,854 Surf Bands listed as of January 5, 2022. ~ 62 bands added in 9.5 months.
1,792 Surf Bands listed as of February 16, 2021 ~ 216 bands added in 6.5  months.
1,576 Surf Bands listed as of July 23, 2020 ~ A good start!!!

Surfmusic.com on Facebook

Spotify ~~~ My Surf Music playlists.

Surfy Bear ~ Designed and sold by Surfy Industries various guitar effects.  
Surfer Joe discusses the SurfyBear  Metal vs. Classic  and the, updated for 2024,  SurfyBear Classic 3.0 .
Surfrider Reverb ~ Spring reverb emulation.  Designed and sold by SolidGoldFx.

Surf Music Radio Stations & Podcasts

A Day at the Beach Podcast  ❄ Hosted by Clint Beachwood. One hour of mostly new releases in modern surf music.  New show once a month.

Surf Sounds  ❄  Assorted Surf Music playlist on AccuRadio, 24 hours a day.

Bad News Podcast     by John Blair.

Beyond the Sea  Surf covers of modern songs. Streaming for 1.5 hours at Mixcloud.

Beyond the Surf  Band interviews, recording processes, techniques, events. Host Kyle.

The Big Surf Show  Saturdays 8pm - 10pm.  WFIT 89.5 FM ✿ Host Danny Morris.

Catching a Wave Radio Show  ★ A weekly radio show with archives, hosted by Jammin' James Riley and Beth Riley with the Beachboy's "Surf's Up" playlist.

Chad & Cherry's Surf Music Review Hosts, Chad & Cherry, review and spin Surf albums for your listening pleasure.

The Clint Beachwood Show  ❄ 60’s surf, modern surf and misc. vocals.  New show every Monday.  Facebook Link.  All Clint Beachwood information.

Crescent Swells on Sydney’s ‘Radio Northern Beaches’.  Sunday 4-5pm & Friday 10:30pm (AEST)

The Dodge City Social Club  ❤  The Dodge City Social Club - the hottest Surf guitar tracks from all over the world, from rural Australia, fortnightly!

Dominic Priore  - Exotica~Radio Show.  Surf Bands do Exotica (with Soul).  2 Hours.

Dripfeed  DripFeed powers a network of internet radio stations dedicated to surf and instrumental.

Electric Beach Party   Carol Busbey, Radio Hatteras, Mondays 8-9pm EST (re-airing at 12 midnight).

Enchanted Tiki Hut Show  ✿ Tiki/Exotica/Surf.  Hosted by Kitty & Mr. C.

Exotic Tiki Island Podcast Join Tiki Brian as he travels to different areas of Exotic Tiki Island while playing vintage Hawaiian, Exotica and Island related music from his personal LP record collection.

Fiberglass Jungle   Jonpaul Balak hosts Fiberglass Jungle which  features the very best in Surf and similar guitar instrumentals from around the globe and across the eras. Saturdays 2-4pm PST.

Frettin' Fingers  Host Jim Hilmar.  Saturdays 11am PST. KSER 90.7. Swing, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Vintage Country, Rockabilly, Surf, Steel Guitar.

The Furious Wave  Thursdays 7 - 9 pm Pacific Time.  All instrumental surf and surf-influenced rock from around the globe.  99.1 FM.  Host - Mike Panico

GTF Instrumental  A free radio station from St Petersburg, Russia ★ Playin' rockin' Exotic and Surfin' tunes non-stop.

Instromania  Three D Radio 93.7 FM Adelaide, South Australia.  Mondays 1-2pm.

Jango  Unlimited, ad-free, customized radio. Enter the band of your choice in the search box.

Laguna Tropical Surf Show  KXFM 93.5 Each Sunday from 5-7pm PST. Host ✿ Tommy J. Over 200 archived podcasts are available.

Lounge King Radio  Tune in Saturdays 12pm Central for a bubbly selection of Surf Music via the master Juan Cholby (Revrendo Acapulco).

Mark Malibu Radio Show  On Surf Rock Radio.

Mixcloud  Search for Surf Music ~ by band, or performer.

Pandora  Search for Surf Music.  Sign up required.

Paradise Cove Podcast  ❤❤❤ DJ Dotty ❤❤❤ with the latest news from the world of Surf Music.

Pi Records Interviews  ✿ Surf Band interviews with host, Ryan Hagerty ✿ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Facebook.

Psychedelic Jukebox Catch a Wave. ~ Psychedelic Surfer ~ Surfin' in the Midwest ~ Wax  'Em Down and Burn Rubber ~ Surf 411.  On Mixcloud.

Radio Free Bakersfield Bakersfield, California, USA

Radio Surf Rock  ❄ Live365 Surf Music Station broadcasting Surf Music 24 hours/day.

The Rockin' and Surfin' Show  WAIF 88.3 from Cincinnati, Ohio, 6 - 8pm Saturday - EST.

Shrunken Head Lounge Surf Rock Radio  Live and archived shows.

Southern Surf Stomp  Reviews of Surf Music on vinyl by husband and wife duo, ★ Chad and Cherry ★.

Southern Surf Stompcast  Select from 21 audio episodes.

At the Drags  The Beach Boys  Pet Sounds  Surf Music 2nd & 3rd Wave ✿ My Spotify playlists. 

Storm Surge of Reverb  Hosted by Hunter King ☆ WTUL, New Orleans, Mondays 4-6 PM CST.  Streaming available ☆ Files stay streamable for 2 weeks.

Stream of Consciousness/Reverb Hour  Mondays 8-10pm with Cousin Mary ★ KFJC 89.7FM

Summer Surf Vibes A Spotify playlist ~ 205 Surf Songs.

Sunset Beach Radio Show  On Mixcloud, broadcast from Kir Lake Beach,  France.  Every first Wednesday of each month on Radio Dijon Campus.  Archives.

Surf Blast  On Mixcloud. 3 hours of Surf Music.

Surfabilly Freakout  On a break since 2022 ☆ Thursdays from 6-7pm (central) on WEFT 90.1 FM in Champaign-Urbana, IL.  Catch the archived streams.

Surf & Love  A Spotify playlist from traditional to current.

Surf del Desierto Radio  Chihuahua, Mexico.

SurfGuitar 101 MP3 Compilations  ><> Tons of great Surf Music to listen to.

Surf Guitar 101 Podcasts  Not currently broadcasting ✿ 15  archived podcasts are available. Hosted by Lady Reverb.

Surfin' a Go Go Radio Show   Hosted by Mark Malibu from Toronto, Canada ⛧ History of Canadian Surf Bands.

Surfin' in The Midwest  𖠳 2.5+ hours of Surf Music.

Surf Music  My playlist of Surf Music ☆ 3 hours on Spotify.

Surf Music  My playlist on Amazon Music.  Available using Amazon Prime.

Surf Music Madrid   A 50 minutes stream on Mixcloud.  14 - 1 hour radio shows ~ Spanish Surf Bands.

Surf Music Radio The world's #2 Surf Music Radio Station.

Surf-n-Billy Radio  Surf Rock & Instrumentals all Day (6AM to 6PM), WSNB ❄ On live365.

The SurfPhony of Derstruction 2000  Hosted by Derk Brigante. 101 recorded shows on Mixcloud.

Surf Rock Music  Streaming via Streema from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Instrumental Surf Rock Music.

Surf Rock Radio  ✿ Live   The world's #1 radio station dedicated to Surf Rock.

Surf Sounds  AccuRadio ✿ Chicago, Illinois.

Surftacular 2017  Mixcloud radio station.

Surf's Up A Beach Boys Podcast Surfari.

Surf's Up!  Surf's Up  On Mixcloud  ✿ The Atlantics, The Telestons, Meanwhile in Mexico, The Aqua Barons...

Surf's UP!   On Spotify 3+ hours. 

Swingin' Surf Rock Shindig Instrumental Surf Rock.  Hosted by John Lovell.  WAYO 104.3 FM. Thursdays 11 - 12 am. 

The Terrorsurfs' Schlock n Roll Radio Show  22 recorded shows.

Triple Agent Records  Mexico City, Mexico.

Venturesmania Radio With Eddie Angel, Jackie and the Cedrics, The Outtasites +++

Wax 'Em Down And Burn Rubber  𖠳 Mixcloud 3.5+ hours of Surf Music.

Wreckin' the Decks surf section Many recorded shows, hosted by Stas.

✰✰  Guitar/Amplifier Repair  ✰✰

Nevin Audio  David Nevin ☆ Oceanside, California, USA

Soest Guitar  Steve Soest ☆ Orange, California, USA

Record Labels

Alscore  Stuttgart, Germany

Altered State of Reverb  Washington D.C., USA

Boneyard Records Sacramento, California, USA

The Continental Magazine Bellingham, Washington, USA

Deep Eddy Records  Austin, Texas, USA

Dionysus Records  Joshua Tree, California, USA

Double Crown Records and Continental Magazine Bellingham, Washington, USA

Freeky Dicky Records A Caruña Spain

Get Hip Recordings Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Ghost Highway Recordings Madrid, Spain

Go Down Records Treviso, Italy

Green Cookie Records  Thessaloniki, Greece

Guns of Brixton Records  Bilbao, Spain 

Hidden Volume Records Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Hi-Tide Recordings  Freehold, New Jersey, USA

House of Tabu South Bend, Indiana, USA

Lance Records Sandia Park, New Mexico, USA

La Stalla Domestica Italy

Metrobeat and Peak Records Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Missing Fink Records  Augusta, Georgia, USA

Misty Lane Records Rome, Italy

MusSick Recordings  Los Angeles, California, USA

No Count Records Seattle, Washington, USA

Otitis Media Records  Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Pacific Records  San Diego, California, USA

Pin Up Records Bielefeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Productions Impossible Records France

Reverb Brasil Records Brazillian Surf and Garage Label

Reverb Ranch Nova Scocia, Canada

Sharawaji Records  Coventry, United Kingdom

Social Beats & Sheephead Records Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Squid Hat Records Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Sundazed Records Coxsackie, New York, USA

Super Sport Records Columbus, Ohio, USA

Surf Cookie Records Thessaloniki, Greece

Surf Record Labels History Part 1 - Part 2,  Southern California, USA

Swelltune Records New England, USA

Tabu Records Los Angeles, California, USA

Topsy-Turvy/Soundflat Records Cologne, Germany

Triple Agent Records  Mexico City, Mexico

Yep Rock Records  Hillsborough, North Carolina, USA

Recording Studios

Beat n' Track Recording Fallbrook, California, USA

Downtown Sound Recording Studio  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Booking Agency

Rockin' Dogs Montreuil, France

Organizations and More

NESMA  Promotion and recognition for the Surf Bands in the North, East, Southeast U.S.  Based in Storrs, Connecticut, USA

Reverb Central All things Surf Music, instrumental, that is - and then some.

SurfGuitar101 Southern California, USA

Surf Route 101 Surf album reviews.


The Continental Magazine Bellingham, Washington, USA

Endless Summer Quarterly  Magazine dedicated to The Beach Boys with interviews, images, information.  Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Pipeline Magazine  Surrey, United Kingdom.  Dedicated to Surf-Rock Instrumental music.