Links to websites/pages that have information about the history of Surf Music.

A Day at the Beach Podcast by Clint Beachwood.  What Surf Music is, where it came from, and where it is today. Podcast #150.

Dick Dale His Guitar and Amplifier and His Contributions to Music.

Dick Dale information Written by Unique Guitar.

Dick Dale interview by Lee Sobel - Cool Culture Magazine #1,  2001.

Definition of Surf Music Surf Guitar 101.

The Illustrated Discography of Surf Music Compiled by John Blair & Stephen J. Mc Parla.

New Zealand Surf Music History Flying Nun

The Origins of Surf Music  A first-hand account by Paul Johnson.  More Origins from Paul Johnson on Surf Guitar 101. Tim Jeffreys timeline of the first wave of instrumental Surf Music. 

Surf's Up: An Alternative Music History  Jessica Lee Mc Millan.

Wikipedia A very extensive summary.