I maintain a list of Surf Bands from around the world.  Some of the bands are not together anymore, especially those from the 60's, but I feel that they deserve to be listed.  On the site you can view individual surf band web sites, listen to Surf Music, access scheduled performances of SurfMusic and new releases, through the Surfmusic.com Facebook page.  As of 2022, I will be concentrating on "new releases" rather than live performances on my Facebook page as keeping track of performances is too time consuming.

1,854 Surf Bands listed as of January 5, 2022.
1,792 Surf Bands listed as of February 16, 2021. 
1,576 Surf Bands listed as of July 23, 2020. 

Surfmusic.com on Facebook

Spotify ~~~ My Surf Music playlists.

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ Check out these Surf Music podcasts & radio stations ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

Bad News Podcast ~~~ by John Blair.

The Big Surf Show Saturdays 8pm - 10pm. WFIT 89.5 FM Host Danny Morris.

Catching a Wave Radio Show  Weekly radio show with archives.  With host Jammin' James Riley.

The Clint Beachwood Show Saturdays from 10am - 2pm west coast time. Multi-genre instrumentals, 60's surf, modern surf and an hour of vocals.  Facebook link.  Archived broadcasts ~ A Day at the Beach Podcasts.

Cowabunga! Weekend Surf Music  Streaming for 2.5 hours at Mixcloud.

Paradise Cove Podcast ~~~ DJ Dotty.

Electric Beach Party - Carol Busbey, Radio Hatteras, Mondays 8pm EST (re-airing 12 midnight).

Enchanted Tiki Hut Show - Tiki/Exotica/Surf.  Hosted by Kitty & Mr. C.

Fiberglass Jungle  Jonpaul Balak hosts Fiberglass Jungle which  features the very best in Surf and similar guitar instrumentals from around the globe and across the eras. Saturdays 2-4pm PST.

Frettin' Fingers Host Jim Hilmar Saturdays at 11am for great guitar music, swing, pop, jazz, blues and rhythm & blues, vintage country & rockabilly, surf, Steel guitar too.

GTF Instrumental - A free radiostation from St Petersburg, Russia ~  Playin' rockin' Exotic and Surfin' tunes non-stop.

Instromania Three D Radio 93.7 FM Adelaide, South Australia, Mondays 1-2pm.

Jango Enter the band of your choice in the search box.

Laguna Tropical Surf Show KXFM 93.5 Each Sunday from 5-7pm PST.

Longboarders Radio A Live365 mix of Surf Songs.

Mixcloud do a search for Surf Music.

Pandora Search for Surf Music.  Sign up required.

The Rockin' and Surfin' Show WAIF 88.3 from Cincinnati, Ohio, 6 - 8pm Saturday - EST.

Shrunken Head Lounge Surf Rock Radio  Live and archived shows.

The Southern Surf Stompcast Select from 21 episodes.

My Spotify playlists - At the Drags The Beach Boys Pet Sounds Surf Music 2nd & 3rd Wave

Storm Surge of Reverb  Hosted by Hunter King ~ WTUL, New Orleans, Mondays 1-3pm CST.  Streaming available ~ Files will stay streamable for 2 weeks after airing live.

Sunset Beach On Mixcloud, broadcast from Kir Lake Beach,  France. Every first Wednesday of each month on Radio Dijon Campus.

Surfabilly Freakout hits the broadcast airwaves on Thursdays from 6-7pm (central) on WEFT 90.1 FM in Champaign-Urbana, IL.  Catch the archived streams.

SurfGuitar 101 MP3 Compilations Tons of great Surf Music to listen to.

Surf Guitar 101 Podcasts Not currently broadcasting, but 15  archived podcasts are available.

Surfin' a Go Go Radio Show  Hosted by Mark Malibu from Toronto, Canada.  Some history of Canadian Surf Bands.

Surf & Love  A Spotify playlist from traditional to current.

Surf Music My playlist of Surf Music ~ 9.5 hours on Spotify.

Surf Music My playlist on Amazon Music.  Available using Amazon Prime.

Surf Music Madrid  Streaming for 50 minutes on Mixcloud.

Surf-n-Billy Radio Surf Rock & Instrumentals all Day, (6AM to 6PM), WSNB ~ On live365.

The SurfPhony of Derstruction 2000  Hosted by Derk Brigante. 101 recorded shows on Mixcloud.

Surf Rock Radio The world's #1 radio station dedicated to Surf Rock.

Surf's Up!  Surf Music Mix The Atlantics, The Telestons, Meanwhile in Mexico, The Aqua Barons, The Overtones and more

The Terrorsurfs' Schlock n Roll Radio Show 22 recorded shows.

Wreckin' the Decks surf section  Many recorded shows.

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Nevin Audio David Nevin ~ Oceanside, California, USA

Soest Guitar Steve Soest ~ Orange, California, USA





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Keep the Surf Music band list current.  It's ever-changing.  New bands are added daily.